The big news in the wireless carrier world is the fact that phones contain a potentially illegal app called, Carrier IQ, which taps your phone and sends carriers information about your phone use.

Verizon initially denied using the app, but apparently, it's running on Motorola devices, including my Motorola Droid Bionic, as Fake Blur Xmpp (I guess "we don't use Carrier IQ" is true). Here's a screenshot from my device:

Screenshot Fake Blur Xmpp

This app's a beast of a thief of personal information, which I have no control over. Just check out it's permissions:

  • Personal information
  • Services that cost your money
  • Default
  • Messages
  • Location
  • Network
  • Accounts
  • Storage
  • Phone calls
  • System tools
  • Hardware

This is just amazing. Just think of the amount of information gathered by users.

Apparently, the only way to kill this is to root your device. Just one more reason rooting your device is a good thing.

I had thought about delaying the root, using the stock device and testing it. However, this just gives me a sooner push to get my device rooted.

P.S. My law firm is accepting clients for consideration in a class action lawsuit against device makers and carriers.

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