The Gray’s Anatomy app made it into my list of 2011’s Top Apps for Android Lawyers because of the simplicity and detail of the app. At the insanely-low price of $2.99, the Gray’s Anatomy app features all of the benefits of the book, without the weight or cost. Where much of my law practice is personal injury, this app is very helpful in pinpointing the specifics of the human body, illustrating them, and then explaining what the anatomical part is.

The app features beautiful and fairly high-resolution reproductions of the original anatomy drawings. The app’s anatomical database is arranged beginning at the head and neck and working southward on the body.

When we talk about the images, we’re talking classical and high-quality. I love them.


I love that the app also allows you to bookmark specific illustrations, perhaps for later use.

While this app certainly won’t replace your desk copy, or even some of the information you can find on the internet, it’s perfect as a quick reference. I use the app to view specific anatomy discussed in a deposition or medical report. I have considered using the app in a method similar to this, but I haven’t had the opportunity.

If you’re a lawyer looking for an anatomy app, certainly at $2.99, Gray’s Anatomy app is well worth the small price.

Gray’s Anatomy

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