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For people who haven't been heeding the warnings, the internet is going to get a lot bumpier. Already, only 2 weeks into November, Google made two huge announcements that will likely affect everyone on the planet.

First, Google announced that Gmail and Google+ will take center-stage in Google's cloud strategy plan. This means that when you thought Google+ wasn't all that important, you were wrong. What's more, I would expect that Google's algorithm will feature a prominent role for those using its Google+ platform. Quite simply, I think Google is covertly saying that if you use Google+, those sites that you own or provide content for will receive favorable treatment in Google's search results. After all, Google is the #1 search engine in the world.

And why would I believe such a hair-brained conspiracy theory? Because of Google's announcement that it's tweaking its alogrithm again. Earlier this year we saw the implementation of "Panda." This tweak was a significant change to the search sphere that ended up collapsing many sites who "gamed" the SEO system. Particularly, Google punished JC Penny for its search engine scheming.

Now, Google has changed its schematics to favor blogs and websites with "fresh" content. By some accounts, this change will effect 35% of all website queries. This is a huge number!

What does that mean for your law firm business? If you're not already actively using Google's products, and your website is somewhat static, you're probably already dead in the water. What you need to do is get active on your website and your social media use.

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