Congratulations. You finally ditched your "dumb phone" and upgraded your cell phone. In fact, you now have a phone you can use to send email!  What's more, you're "going mobile." You tell your clients and colleagues to "catch me out of the office, anytime."

Brag away cowboy, you've finally reached the 21st century. Unfortunately, you're about 5 years too late.

What used to be a novelty for attorneys has now become obsolete, in lieu of tablets and other devices. Now, your dumb phone "cuts it" only for tasks like texting and phone calls.

The computing power of tablets enables you to exercise unimagined control. Tablets are the new standard operating procedure.

When you select an Android tablet for your law practice, it's important to know what you're looking for and how you want to use it. I wrote this post about tablet productivity, which highlights some of the apps I use when I'm working away on my Viewsonic gTablet. I also suggest you check out this post, which I hope will give you some considerations when purchasing your Android tablet.

Amazon announced its newest addition to the Android tablet community. The Amazon Kindle Fire looks like a great addition, but unfortunately, it's not an iPad killer. Foremost, it lacks a 10.1" screen. At 7 inches, the Fire is significantly smaller than the iPad. In the case of tablets, bigger is always better, no matter what they say about guys with big screens.

If I picked up a new tablet right now, I'd hook up with either the Asus Transformer, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both of these are 10 inch beauties handle all of the tablet needs.

So, rather than patting yourself on the back because you can send and receive email, you probably ought to sulk silently to the back corner. Because, when you're talking about mobile lawyering, you're talking tablets.

Jeff Taylor

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