The Maryland State Bar Association has released an application that "provides certain legal rules to Android users." The app allows users to browse the Maryland rules of evidence, rules of professional conduct, rules regarding attorney trust accounts, ideals of professionalism, and MSBA code of civility.

All-in-all, it's a pretty worthless app for any attorney outside of Maryland, but for the more than 20,000 Maryland-barred attorneys, this app is cool. What's more, the app is free. You can download it from the Android Market.

Screenshot of Maryland State Bar Association Android App

The initial splash screen has a nice design and feel. You can see that the accessible links are laid out well, and there's links to contact the MSBA.

By clicking the "Links" icon, you're taken to a screen showing the MSBA Hotline contact information, a clickable icon to the MSBA Ethics Opinions (a members-only feature), and a link to Fastcase.

Each of the clickable links has a sensational looking screen.

Maryland State Bar Association Android App

The links to the specific opinions, rules, or other codes are clearly laid out. I played around with the rules of evidence screens, and found them very-well laid out. With relative ease, you can find the specific rule and read its content. I would suggest to the developer though that they add a secondary screen after each master. I found it rather difficult to scroll through all rules (for instance all of the rules under Chapter 600 appear when you click the link), rather than searching or reading the individual rule.

You'll notice too that the "home" screen contains two icons labeled "TABS" and "LIST." The purpose of these is to push everything to a list mode, rather than simple tabs. I dislike the list mode, although I could see it's purpose, and preferred the cleaner layout of the tabs mode. For what it's worth, this app looked really clean on my tablet, and performed better than its phone version.

Overall, this is a well-designed application that all Maryland attorneys should be proud of. This appears to be a first of its kind for bar associations, showing why the MSBA is at the technological forefront. Congratulations to the Young Lawyers Section for putting this together.

P.S. The developer informs me that they are working on iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry versions of the app, as if that mattered.

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