Viewsonic ViewPad 10

With so many good Android tablets on the market, it's really difficult to pick a favorite. You know I love myViewsonic gTablet (and here). At cost and features, this Android tablet ROCKS! However, I think Viewsonic has just captured my heart (although my pocketbook just had an aneurysm). 

Recently, Viewsonic introduced the ViewPad 10Pro, a dual boot (Windows 7 + Android OS). The ViewPad features a 10.1" display running on a 1.6 GHz processor. Depending on your choice of Windows OS (Windows 7 Pro or Home Premium), you will receive 2 GB DDR3 and 16 GB (Home Premium) or 32 GB (Pro) SSD.

The biggest drawback to the system seems to be the stock Android 1.3 OS (now a dinosaur in the world of OS 2.3). This seems to be resolved with a little tinkering and Viewsonic's release of an Android 2.3 update (WHEW!).

At $699 for the 32 GB, I think this is a steal! Check out a spec video:


Video: BingLeeElectrics (YouTube)


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