You've probably seen QR codes all over the internet, stores, and sometimes on television. In recent months, QR codes are becoming more popular as ways to convey information or expressions of one's style. In fact, a French tattoo artist named K.A.R.L., has created the world's first animated tattoo (the tattoo connects to an online animation via a QR code). 

QR codes are great ways to diversify yourself from other traditional marketing methods. In order to properly use a QR code, you'll need a barcode scanner for your phone or tablet. All barcode scanners pretty much function the same way, so you'll need to look for specific features you think will set them apart. My favorite scanner is Barcode Scanner by Zxing Team, however, I'm also liking QR Droid, which are each top rated Market apps.

Once you have your scanner, it's time to find and scan the QR codes. You may want to check out this post on using QR codes in your business. Get started by scanning my codes below:

Jeff Taylor's QR Code With Contact Information      QR Code You Tube Video

Jeff Taylor

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