My invitation to join Music Beta by Google arrived this week. I signed up for the service when Google first announced it. The service is similar to Amazon Cloud Player and the new iCloud from Apple. However, like everything Google, Music Beta is "free for a limited time."

Signing in to the service brings up a list of your most recently-added songs and albums.

Signin Screenshot Music Beta by Google

From here, you can click an album to begin playing, or continue to browse and search.

Screenshot of Music Beta by Google

The service has it's "Music Manager" program, that enables you to upload music from your computer to the cloud.

There's also the Android app for use and download to your smartphone or other Android device.

Music Beta by Google Android Market Screenshot

Overall, I'm quite happy with the service. However, I have found a couple of flaws and slight annoyances (it's still "beta").

First, the Music Manager program freezes quite often. I'm not sure whether this is my doing (uploading over 5,000 songs), or whether it's a flaw with the program itself.

Second, deleting an album or other song has been quite tedious. While the search, album/song/artist lists all show that the music is not there, I'm finding several songs/albums that remain. Although this isn't a big deal, sometimes I don't want to hear the bellowing screech of Glenn Beck's voice, or some Christmas lullaby.

If you're interested, grab an invitation, and start streaming your music.


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