I love articles that discuss the "essentials" of Android, and I especially love articles, such as this one, which discuss applications. since the benefit of smartphones is only limited by their applications, I love when I can discover a cool app that improves my life.

While I've tried just about every one of the apps mentioned by PC World, I wanted to highlight some of my favorites from their article.

My first favorite is Dropbox (although with their recent security snafu, I'm not so sure). This is a great app for sharing files/folders in the cloud.

Next is Pandora. I LOVE being able to select a station based on some genre, and listen to your hearts content. Currently, I'm loving the "Glee Cast Station."

Lookout Mobile Security provides me with some comfort when I download new applications. While Netflix (available on my gTablet & Motorola Droid) and Google Music round out my top choices.

Finally, here are some of their apps I'm not too impressed with: 

PicSayPro – kind of a childish application with very little use.

WatchESPN – the limited number of available carriers (Bright House Networks Verizon FIOS TV, Time Warner or Verizon High Speed Internet), makes the app completely worthless unless you subscribe to one of these service providers. None of them are available where I live.

Imo – I think instant messaging is dead, in favor of texting. I can't remember the last time I sent an IM to someone that wasn't a text. Great concept for 2005. Maybe I'm just too old though?


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