I have become quite accustomed to being away from my files at the office. With mobile access, and a serious of debilitating snow storms in Oklahoma, I have remained away from the office. However, the problem with leaving the office, is the need to access and use particular files or access particular notes.

Fortunately, Android developers have provided some rescue.

The first is in the form of a great storage site, Dropbox. The great thing about Dropbox is the ability to place files/folders online, and access the files/folders from anywhere with an internet connection. I use the PC application to store commonly-used files, and to occasionally share information with my clients. The Dropbox app provides the same functionality and access as the desktop application, making it a no-brainer install. Now you can carry your documents, folders, and client files in the palm of your hand.

The second application is Evernote. This popular desktop note-taking application comes to your Android phone with the same robust power and features, including the ability to add pictures, sound, and other tidbits to your note-taking. I especially love the fact that I can store certain pieces of information, or clip particular pieces of information for use later. With the share feature, it’s even easier to provide friends and neighbors with copies of your notes.


Evernote QR Code

Evernote Android App Screenshot        Evernote Android App Screenshot


Dropbox Android Application QR Code

Dropbox Android App Screenshot        Dropbox Android Application Screenshot

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