While it’s not technically a Android application or device, Google Chrome is a staple browser in my law office. Since it’s also made by Google, I think it’s also fair game to discuss, at least once.

One of the things I love about Google Chrome is that it’s so darn fast. Unlike IE and Firefox (although I’m at a loss because I haven’t used either for quite some time, please let me know if I’m wrong), Chrome remains fast, regardless of the number of extensions.

Another feature is the ability to sync all of my information across multiple platforms. When you sign in to Google and sync with your Google account, Chrome will transfer your bookmarks, settings, passwords, etc., to any other computer you’re using. Very handy, especially for lawyers, and especially when you have a lot of research tools/websites to use. One disadvantage to IE and Firefox, were their limited ability to retain common settings (again, please inform me if I’m wrong).

I found a couple extensions and settings that I use on a regular basis.

  1. Send from Gmail (by Google). This extension makes Gmail your browser’s default mail program, rather than Outlook or some other program.
  2. Clip to Evernote. This extension allows you to clip web pages from your browser and store them to your Evernote account (you have an Evernote account, right?)
  3. Chrome to Phone. This extension allows you to send websites to your Android (see, I did talk Android) phone for later use. Sometimes, I’ll clip features or links I want to add to a client’s file or folder later, without clipping to Evernote.

What’s your favorite Chrome feature?

Jeff Taylor

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